Terms & Conditions

HomeBoost is the trading name of HomeBoost New Zealand Pty Limited, a private company registered in New Zealand under company number 6039969 and with the New Zealand Business number NZBN9429042483113. In these terms and conditions and legal notices the company is referred to as either “we” or “us”.

We are associated with HomeBoost Mortgages NZ Limited.

We are not, nor do we hold ourselves out to be a licensed real estate agent. The services that we provide are not real-estate agency work. We provide the HomeBoost website as a public marketplace to enable sellers to market their properties for sale and buyers to view properties and make contact with the sellers.

We encourage buyers and sellers to use the services of other professionals to assist them in the process but we do not represent a buyer or a seller.

Privacy We may collect and hold information relating to you that you have provided to us or that we may have obtained from another source (such as marketing organisations and credit agencies). You agree that we may use your information for the purposes of carrying out credit checks, dealing with requests, complaints and other customer related activities, market and product analysis.

HomeBoost will only share your contact detail information with Homeowners, Real Estate Agents or New Build companies (sellers) that you have shown interest in by clicking on one of our ads and supplying your personal details or by clicking on the contact details for a particular home.

We may collect and store information about your visit to any of our websites to measure the number of visitors to different parts of the site. Although we may publish aggregated information about usage patterns, we will not disclose information about individual machines except as specified in this clause. We may gather more extensive information if we are concerned, for example, about security issues. If we think it is necessary, we may disclose this information to relevant law enforcement authorities.

By registering on the HomeBoost website a buyer will be required to agree expressly (by ticking the appropriate consent box on the website) that the buyer’s name and contact details may be passed on by us to a HomeBoost mortgage advisor and to accept and agree to be bound by the then current terms and conditions displayed on the website for its use.

Current terms and conditions of use: By using this website, each person viewing the website (“you”) agrees that their use indicates their consent to be bound by and comply with the following terms and conditions:

Governing law and jurisdiction: regardless of the territory from which you are accessing this website, these terms and conditions are governed by and will be construed in accordance with New Zealand law and you accept that the New Zealand Courts have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and resolve any disputes or claims.

Changes: we may change these terms and conditions at any time and you will be bound by the then current terms and conditions as displayed at your time of use.

Information you provide: you must ensure that all information you upload to our website is correct, complete, does not contain any misrepresentation and is accurate.

Not to damage the website or disrupt services. You must not:

Comply with all laws: you must comply with all applicable laws, regulations or standards or codes of conduct, in particular, and by way of example and not limitation, you may not use our website to engage in real-estate agency work as defined by the Real Estate Agents Act 2008.

Not use the website for unlawful purposes or create a nuisance: you must not use our website for doing anything which may be or become unlawful or become objectionable or a nuisance to others, for example, and not by way of limitation, send spam and unsolicited communications of any kind, abuse defame, stalk, threaten, bully or harass any other person or use expressions that contain or encourage racial or anti-religious prejudice or rude and objectionable language of any kind.

Not impersonate, mislead or give a false identity: you must not mislead others into assuming you are not who you say you are nor must you impersonate another person or provide any false identity. Copyright: copyright in all material published on our website belongs to us unless the contrary is stated. The content of and all information presented and the format and images on our website are our intellectual property. You may not copy, reproduce, reverse engineer, or use in whole or in part all or part of our intellectual property without our express consent.

Disclaimer: we are not responsible for the links to other websites that you may access via our site nor do we endorse or provide any warranty or guarantee of the services of any other person or company that you may contact via our website. If you agree to engage the services of any other party you do so of your own will and volition and we are not liable for the delivery or otherwise of those services.

Content of our website: we aim to keep our website current, relevant and accurate at all times. But we make no representations or warranty that the content displayed is up-to-date, relevant and accurate.

Availability of our website: we also aim to have our website available at all times on a fault- and virus-free basis, however, we do not represent or warrant that it always will be nor are we responsible for any other device or equipment that we may use. We are not liable to you if the website is not available at any time or does not function in accordance with your expectations.

Access to our website: we reserve the right at any time to deny access to our website by any person or any other machine or device. We also reserve the right to take down from our website any content placed by others that we consider in our absolute discretion to breach any of our terms and conditions. If we exercise this right we are not liable for any damages or costs or losses that any person may sustain as a result of our denial of access or removal of content.